Our focus is to have each client experience unique and personalized. During your private appointment with one of our professional clothing consultants, enjoy a fine glass of scotch as we discuss your wardrobe needs and personal style preferences. Come into one of our showrooms or we will come to your home or office.

Commitment to Excellence

Quality comes first. Unlike some of our competitors, BALANI constructs each garment with the same, high-end craftsmanship regardless of price point. All of our garments are handmade, with a natural fiber canvas hand-sewn into the jacket. Our clients style and personalize their garments without any extra fees. Details such as hand-cut buttonholes, contrasting fabrics, and monograms are all included.




Our greatest asset and key to our success is our team. Our BALANI consultants believe in the confidence and self-assurance created by a custom fitted garment. At every appointment, you will work one-on-one with a custom clothing expert.