5 Facts You Didn’t Know About BALANI

1.) We have a suit you can pour a glass of red wine on and it won’t stain the fabric.

What is this miracle fabric you ask? It’s our Aquaplan collection by Dormeuil. For those of you who have a tendency to spill your drink (no judgment), this is the perfect fabric for you.

The Aquaplan collection is made from Super 130’s wool and finished with special Nano Technology treatment making it resistant to stains and also giving it a smooth finish. With this suit, you’ll never have to worry about rain or red wine again.

2.) The Most Expensive Suit BALANI Has Ever Made Cost Approximately $30,000

Yes you read that correctly. Thirty. Thousand. Dollars.

Made from 100% vicuña, this fabric is incredibly expensive because so few vicuñas actually exist.  In the 1960’s vicuñas were hunted to near extinction and today, they are an endangered species exclusive to South America. Incapable of being held captive or farmed, their wool has to be collected the old-fashion way.

Similar to the llama, vicuñas have extremely fine hair which can only be shorn once every three years. Their hair is so fine, that each sheering only produces 17 ounces of fiber, making it incredibly rare and one of the most expensive fabrics in the world.

3.) BALANI has dressed two First Ladies

Back when BALANI was Medos Custom Tailors, founder Peter Balani gained early recognition as as a world-class tailor. Eventually his connections gave him the opportunity to work with Jacqueline Kennedy and Claudia (Lady Bird) Johnson.

4.) The biggest suit BALANI ever made… Took an entire 9 yards of fabric to construct

That’s 1 yard shy of a first down! Just to put this in perspective, the average suit requires 3-3.5 yards of fabric.

Standing tall at 6’8” and weighing over 700lbs, our client was unable to find a suit that fit him off the rack. Knowing his struggles, Peter Balani was determined to make him a suit that fit. After taking his measurements, and evaluating the proper cut for his client’s build, Peter Balani created an incredible fitting suit. To this day, he considers this to be the most challenging suit he has ever made.

5.) BALANI made a red trophy jacket for the winner of a Beer Pong Tournament

We’ve all seen the Masters’ prized green jacket, but did you know there’s also a highly coveted red jacket?

While we don’t get requests like this very often, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to create such an original and valued garment. This fully custom jacket was made for two winners of an extremely competitive beer pong tournament. How competitive you ask? So competitive that the winner of the qualifying rounds play in Ireland.

Crafted from Holland and Sherry Super 120’s wool, the prize winning jacket is dark crimson with a white trim around the lapel. In order to guarantee this jacket is one-of-a-kind, an official championship patch was added right below the chest pocket.

Sonny Balani5 Facts You Didn’t Know About BALANI