5 Men’s Clothing Essentials for Fall 2014


Ready or not, summer is coming to an end.  While we’re not completely ready to say goodbye, we can all breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Fall clothes are here, and they are better than ever. So put away the white pants and bring out your Fall favorites.

Slate Three-Piece Suit

Not quite charcoal and not quite blue, slate is both unique and stylish. The greyish-blue color makes for a modern three-piece suit and stands out in a sea of basic navy and charcoal suits. Appropriate for the office or a fall wedding, the darker slate color lends itself to a variety of looks.

For those who work in a conservative environment, let the suit speak for itself by keeping it simple and monochromatic. Wear it with a white dress shirt, grey tie, black shoes, and silver cufflinks.

If it’s originality you crave, pair the suit with a checked shirt, patterned tie, dark brown belt, and flannel flower pin.

 Berry Bamboo Blazer

Bamboo. Really? Yes, really! It’s latest and greatest fabric to hit the market, and it’s phenomenal.

Bamboo has the feel of cashmere, the look of silk, and the durability of wool. The natural luster in the fabric gives the jacket an elegant and dressy look. The key is finding the color that is right for you.

That’s where berry comes in to play. Whether you prefer blueberry, raspberry, or even blackberry, berry tones are the “it” shades for jacketing this season. These colors are dynamic and eye catching, yet versatile and sophisticated enough to be paired with trousers or jeans. Suede elbow patches and subtle details will compliment the bamboo and help give it a casual feel.

Cashmere Sweater (Medium Grey)

There’s no better time to reintroduce cashmere into you wardrobe than fall. Known for its warmth and soft hand, cashmere is also incredibly lightweight making it the ideal fabric for sweaters.

The medium grey color, gives you the ability to mix and match outfits with ease. Wear it atop a patterned shirt and trousers and you’ll have a casual layered look for the Fall season. When the weather starts to drop, swap out the vest in your three-piece suit and replace it with the grey cashmere sweater. It’ll give your suit a fresh look and keep you comfortable and warm.

 Whipcord Travel Trouser

A dressier alternative to denim, whipcord is the ideal fabric for traveling. Why? It’s durable, wrinkle resistant, and holds up well to pilling. Originally used for outerwear, the angled twill weave in the fabric gives it strength and resistance to the usual wear and tear. This is the perfect trouser to take with you need to transition your outfit from day to night.

 Flannel Flower Pin

We said it in The 5 Essentials of Spring and we’ll say it again this Fall, flower lapel pins are all the rage. With the change in season comes a change in fabric. Flannel gives the flower a totally different look and feel. The brushed wool is a colorful and cozy addition to a suit lapel.


Elizabeth Fasula5 Men’s Clothing Essentials for Fall 2014