50 Years of Fashion

As you may recall, last month we began exploring the evolution of men’s fashion, starting with the turn of the century up until the late 1950s.  With each new decade, a new trend made its way into the forefront.  As we divulge into the second half of the century, you will notice new and improved styles and repeating trends.

During the 1960’s, men’s fashion shifted drastically.  European fashion replaced the uniformity and conservatism of the previous decade.  Suits were very fitted and far more elaborate. Paisley, polka dots and fluorescent colors quickly became the norm.

In the mid 1970’s, the leisure suit made its way to America.  Typically made of polyester, the leisure suit consisted of a shirt-like jacket and matching bell-bottom trousers.  It gained popularity for its comfort and its ability to transition from the office to the disco.

Leaving the disco era behind, 1980’s embraced bold colors and subtle patterns.  The power suit was synonymous with success and wealth. Notoriously donned with shoulder pads, tapered slacks, pinstripes, and a red tie, the power suit was a way for men to show dominance in the work force.

During the early 1990’s, business casual became the social norm.  Loose fitting jackets, sweater vests and baggy trousers replaced the lavish power suit style of the 1980s.  As the decade progressed, men’s fashion became more eclectic.

Today, men’s fashion is evolving with each new season.  Trends are far less apparent and fads shift much more frequently.  Whether it’s a navy suit with a classic cut and notch lapel, or a fitted suit with a bold pattern and peak lapel, the men’s fashion industry is embracing all styling options.  Now, more than ever, men have a variety of styling options at their fingertips.  Long gone are the days where men are forced to choose one style over the other.

Whatever generation you’re from, we can pull and pluck from the best of each era’s fine clothing to define your unique style.  Whether a three-piece suit or linen pants, your styling options are endless.

Sonny Balani50 Years of Fashion

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