Double B’s

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Who knew recycling was fashionable? When we think of fashion, we think of “newness” or styles we’ve never seen before, but that’s generally not the case. Designers simply put a twist on something old and call it new.  Consider this month’s topic: The Double Breasted suit.

Sold in nearly equal numbers to the single-breasted suit prior to World War II, it’s virtually disappeared from the rack. That is until it started popping up again in the likes of GQ and other fashion magazines.  So what makes this suit style remarkable the second time around?

First and foremost, consider the shoulder structure. The classic DB, ever the epitome of masculinity, had heavily padded shoulders that broaden the chest and emphasized a V-cut torso. It was also cut rather boxier. Today, you’ll notice far less structure to a shoulder, yet it still maintains a masculine look.

How? The notches of the lapel are placed higher on the jacket and it’s much more fitted through the waist. By creating a longer line from the shoulder to the waist,  it emphasizes the V-cut look, albeit through different means. Remember, clothing is all about proportion.  So before you design your perfect DB, keep these subtle cues in mind.

Sonny BalaniDouble B’s

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