How to Wear a Navy Suit 3 Different Ways

Why is a navy suit considered a favorite among most men? Simply put, it’s the equivalent of a perfect girlfriend- comfortable in every situation, low-maintenance and always looks good.

The strongest characteristic of a navy suit is its chameleon-like ability to seamlessly blend into a variety of situations, maximizing its versatility. Whether you need it for work or play, day or night, a navy suit easily transforms into 3 entirely different looks depending on what you pair it with.

The Three-Piece Power Suit

In order for a suit to be considered a power suit, it is required to have the necessary accouterments to take it to the next level.  A vest is one of the simplest ways to increase the formality of the suit. By layering the vest over a crisp white shirt, you’ve added visual interest and given the suit a sculpted feel.

Second only to a black suit and tuxedo in formality, navy’s strength lies in its ability to complement a variety of colors, patterns and textures. When it comes to adding accessories, start with either a gold or a red tie. These tie colors symbolize strength and dominance in the business world and are crucial elements of the quintessential power suit. To finish the look, add a white pocket square, leather oxford shoes and a set of silver cufflinks.

The Wedding Navy

When wedding season hits, choosing the right suit and tie combination can be considered an art form. Weddings are celebratory occasions and your outfit should reflect that. Liven up your navy suit by swapping out your standard white button down for a solid lavender shirt. Pastels work beautifully with navy, and the warmth of a lavender or soft pink will help bring out the rich blue tones in your suit.

When it comes to accessorizing your suit, add a complementary tie that incorporates the same color of your shirt. This will help completely blend your suit, shirt and tie together. For a pop of color, add a patterned pocket square.

The After Hours Navy

It’s 5 o’clock, and you’re headed downtown for happy hour. With all of your official business done for the day, now is the perfect time to ditch the tie; “The After Hours Navy” is all about ease, comfort and style.

The best way to achieve a casual look is to pair your navy suit with a bold-patterned shirt, such as a multi-colored check, bold gingham, or variegated stripe. Leave the collar button of your shirt undone, and put on a pair of loafers. When the weather is cooler, add a thin cashmere sweater over your shirt and ditch the jacket. This way, your look changes from business to bar scene with a few simple modifications.

Sonny BalaniHow to Wear a Navy Suit 3 Different Ways