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Last month was all about wrinkles and what to do when you get them.  While Botox and special creams didn’t enter the conversation, a little known trick called steam pressing was offered.  Now let’s consider a more preventative approach. And no, it has nothing to do with SPF.

One of the best ways to avoid wrinkles is to, well…not wear the garment.  If that’s too much hassle, then the first step is to consider the fabric itself. Certain fabrics resist wrinkles better than others. For instance, a worsted wool will resist wrinkles better than just a plain old wool.

What is worsted wool? It refers to how the fibers are processed.  In short, the longest wool fibers are twisted together tightly to make the yarn.  This creates a more durable fiber, and because the fibers are longer and laying parallel, they’re more difficult to bend (ie wrinkle). Still want to raise the bar?

Then get introduced to the mother of all performance fabrics: Holland & Sherry’s Super 150 Dragonfly.  This exceptional range is finished with a proprietary treatment that creates a molecular barrier that resists particles down to a billionth of a molecule. It’s a mouthful to describe, and creates a surface that’s about a million times smaller than a blood cell.

While it’s cool to talk about, it provides some serious function.  This treatment is water and stain repellent, static resistant, and is by and far more durable.  This is all done without compromising the breathability and softness of the fiber.

Sonny BalaniPerformance Fabric

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