Spread ’em!

No, we don’t have a warrant, but we do have suspicion. Suspicion that you’re wearing the same collar you did back in high school. Regardless of your motive for change, the New Year requires it. Start off by wrapping something new around your neck: The Spread Collar.

Beginning with terminology, the spread of a shirt simply refers to the distance between the points of the collar. While every collar technically has a spread to it (less the mandarin or stand-up collar), different spreads create different characters. A shirt with longer points and a narrow spread (aka straight point) should make you think of scenes from Goodfellas. While a wide spread collar, with a large gap between the points, should bring you to the floor on the London Stock Exchange. Let’s avoid the roughing up and talk about the latter option.

The Spread Collar is challenging the dominance of the point collar due not only to it’s British aesthetic (pair it with checks to take it to the next level), but also due to it’s ease of wearability. Collars are meant to frame one’s face, and The Spread has a tendency to flatter any facial structure, be it thin or wide.

Along with it’s good-for-anyone appearance, it’s perfectly suited to be worn alongside current trends. A slim tie, narrow lapels, and a tapered suit work just as well with The Spread Collar as does the conservative cut garment. Hold for one small detail: you must tie a Windsor knot!

To complete the look, a larger knot is required with the shirt; the large gap calls for a Windsor’s fullness to soak up the extra space. The perfectly symmetrical triangle of the aforementioned knot is the final detail to tie the look together.

So while it seems contradictory, be sure to frame yourself well in 2010. The Spread Collar can be your new accomplice.

(Psst.. not sure just how to tie a Windsor? Don’t feel guilty – give us a call and we’ll be glad to show you how it’s done the next time you’re in the area)

Sonny BalaniSpread ’em!

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