Summer Must-Haves

It’s hot.

It’s humid.

It rains and then it pours.

The weather is as unpredictable as which country will win the World Cup.

The good new is that we can still look impeccably stylish amidst these harsh summer elements.

These are BALANI’s Summer Must-Haves:

British Blue Suit & Patterned Shirts

Get a case of the Summer blues and embrace your British Blue and sapphire tones. The warmer shades lend themselves nicely for suiting, trousers, and even blazers. Great for summer weddings, outdoor events, or even the office, a British blue garment balances beautifully with pastels and brighter colors.

Pump up your blues by adding a patterned shirt such as a check, stripe, gingham or plaid. These lively patterns are great for a festive summer look. To tone down a brighter blue suit and make it more conservative, simply pair it with a white shirt, darker shoes, and minimal accessories.

Colorful Accessories (Flower Lapel Pins – Socks – Pocket Squares)

This season, accessories are all about color, texture and pattern. One of the easiest ways to incorporate your personality into an outfit is to accessorize it with flower lapel pins, socks, cufflinks, and pocket squares.

Floral prints are a huge trend this summer, but we realize not everyone is ready to sport a bold, floral print shirt. That’s where flower lapel pins comes in handy. A subtle detail for your lapel buttonhole, flower pins will help baby step you into a hot trend and give you that little extra pop of color where you need it the most. Flower pins are made in all colors, so you can match the flower to your suit or spice it up with a bright pattern.

Socks and pocket squares also offer a unique opportunity for adding color and pattern. Whether you prefer stripes, polka-dots or wild patterns, these accessories give you the freedom to showcase your style without going overboard. For those looking to keep it classic and conservative, a white cotton pocket square is best.





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