Swimming with Sharks

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sharkskin brad pittNo, this isn’t a discovery channel special. I’m talking about the dapper professional who wants to step outside of his generic wardrobe. Solid and pinstriped suits? We all have them. So dive in and try something new for fall: The Sharkskin suit.

Technically speaking, a Sharkskin is a worsted wool (meaning that the yarn is tightly twisted, making it more durable) in a twill or basket weave (probably the weave of your solid suit) woven with two different colored threads. But really, what is a Sharkskin?

Think of a solid suit in your closet. Now, think of that same fabric with intrigue. That intrigue I’m referring to is the two-tone effect, the trademark of a Sharkskin. By weaving together the two different yarns, the resulting appearance is a dangerously handsome fabric that has serious depth.

Keep it subtle by finding a fabric with less contrast between the threads. If you want the perfect fall suit, albeit slightly more casual: think chocolate brown with a lighter brown. Perhaps you want to be that stand-out professional: think dark navy with a light blue. Or maybe you’re the gentleman wanting that classic Sharkskin: don’t think…but know it’s a great white with black that creates the quintessential grey suit.

Sonny BalaniSwimming with Sharks

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