The 3 Best Fabrics For Spring

As the weather slowly warms up in Chicago, so should the fabrics in your wardrobe. It is spring, after all!

Sure it’s been exasperatingly rainy and a high of 45° for the last couple weeks, but Chicago’s weather is notoriously fickle, and is bound to warm up in a matter of days. That being said, now is the perfect time to update your wardrobe with these spring fabrics.

While an onslaught of flannel suits and heavyweight slacks are great for the cold winter months, they are horrible for a hot, spring day in Chicago. Adding fabrics like tropical wool, cotton and linen will help your wardrobe evolve for the warmer months ahead.

The easiest way to transition your work wardrobe for spring is by adding a tropical wool suit to your rotation. Tropical wool is one of the best fabrics for a summer suit because of its breathability, delicate hand, and ability to wick away moisture. Typically between 7 and 8 ounces in weight, tropical wools are ideal for the office, summer weddings or an outdoor event.

Cotton slacks are one of the hottest trends this spring. So much so, that we even featured them as one of our “5 Essentials of Spring” last month. Cotton is a wonderful lightweight alternative to tropical wool and it gives you a clean and casual look for spring. From seersucker slacks to boldly patterned sport coats, cotton is great for casual Friday’s at the office, hitting the links on the weekends, or even brunch on Sunday.

Made from the fibers of a flax plant, linen is one of the lightest weight fabrics available. Linen has a signature wrinkled look due the fact it has poor elasticity. The fabric doesn’t bounce back the same way tropical wool does; however, when linen is properly prepared, it has the ability to absorb and lose water rapidly. It can gain up to 20% moisture without feeling damp.  This makes it an ideal fabric for suits, shirts and slacks. Think about that the next time you travel to a place with 100% humidity.



Sonny BalaniThe 3 Best Fabrics For Spring