The 5 Men’s Clothing Essentials for Spring 2014

Between Polar vortexes, sub-freezing temperatures, and record high snowfall, it’s safe to say we’re all happy to see winter to come to an end. Now that spring is here, there’s no better way to welcome it than with bright colors, bold patterns and some brand-new outwear. These 5 items will help bring your wardrobe back to life.

Car Coat

Color: Medium Grey

Not nearly as heavy or cumbersome as an overcoat, a car coat was originally designed in the 50’s for men to wear while driving an open-air vehicle. Cut to modern day, this is the quintessential in-betweener jacket due to its lightness of weight and A-line design.

Typically cut to the mid-thigh, a car coat is both stylish and functional. Often made from wool, tweed, leather or cotton, this jacket is perfect to toss over a suit, slacks, or even jeans.

The Plaid Suit

Color Range: Solid Color Plaids To Bolder Colorful Plaids

This season the bolder the plaid, the better it is. A vintage pattern with a modern twist, the plaid we’re talking about is less Catholic schoolgirl and more Mad Men. Great for adding color and pattern into an otherwise understated wardrobe, plaids vary from hardly visible to overwhelmingly bold.

With that said, many guys aren’t totally comfortable diving head first into a loud plaid suit. The best way to ease into the plaid-o-sphere (not a real word) is by going with a darker glen plaid fabric. This way you can stay in your style comfort zone while keeping on trend.

For those of you, who aren’t afraid to stand out, a bolder plaid is likely your cup of tea. The key to pulling it off is to pair it with a solid color shirt and subtle tie pattern.

Bright Colored Sport Coat

Color: brighter blue tones

Say goodbye to the dark blues and get blinded by the light. Light blues that is. With winter behind us, now’s the time to bench your midnight navy and charcoal jackets in exchange for warmer shades of blue. By brightening up the color of your sport coat, your whole outfit will awaken and come to life.

Keep it simple and go for the nautical look by pairing a bright blue jacket with light gray slacks and a white shirt. For the peacocks out there, wear your blue jacket with a pair of brightly colored cotton pants and a bold gingham plaid shirt.

Colorful Cottons

Color: Consider the full color spectrum

Color is the new black, and there’s no better time to play with color than during spring. Whether you’re going to the Kentucky Derby or brunch on Easter, colorful cotton slacks are the perfect clothing companions for your everyday staples.

Want to awaken a boring navy blazer? Simple, all you need to do is toss on a pair of berry colored slacks and a simple checked pattern shirt. From neutrals to neons, cotton slacks let you incorporate color in a fun and comfortable way.

Linen Tie

While we know that linen is great for suiting, what many people didn’t realize is that it’s also an amazing fabric for neckwear. Today you’ll find many linen and silk blend ties.

They are lightweight, colorful and unlike any tie in your closet. Linen’s texture gives the tie a unique and casual feel while still maintaining an elegance and formality. Make it versatile by wearing it with a button down shirt and cardigan or keep it classic with a suit and tie.

Now that you know the 5 essentials for spring, treat yourself.  You’ve earned it.



Sonny BalaniThe 5 Men’s Clothing Essentials for Spring 2014