The Gekko Moment

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There is a pivotal moment in a man’s life, when the culmination of every test he’s taken and every late night he’s spent working, are suddenly validated by a 60-second bout of fleeting elitism.

True, we all have the occasional moment when we think, “I’m so money,” and lets face it, occasionally, you are.  Referring to a more particular state of awareness, this is the moment when you realize that all your hard work has paid off and you have finally “arrived.” For some, purchasing a fine timepiece or a killer new ride embodies this moment.

Let’s refer to this as a “Gekko Moment,” shall we?  In the landmark 1987 movie Wall Street, Gordon Gekko is the infamously successful character known for coining the phrase “Greed is good.” For Gekko, style of dress and personal power have a direct correlation. Known for his opulence and affection for custom clothing, Gekko views his wardrobe as a reflection of his accomplishments.

In fact, upon meeting protagonist Bud Fox for the first time, Gekko promptly instructs him to “Buy a decent suit.  You can’t come in here looking like this.”

Regardless of whether you’re a Wall St. rock star or the office rainmaker, Gekko encourages you to dress the part.  So go on, embrace your “Gekko Moment” and be the powerhouse that we all know you are.

Sonny BalaniThe Gekko Moment

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