The Modern Glen Plaid

Anyone can work the Mad Men look: black suit, white shirt, skinny tie. Then there’s the somewhat edgier pinstripe in the repertoire. But beyond the basics, what else is there? Perhaps it’s time to move into something more advanced: The Modern Glen Plaid.
Let’s start off by thinking about the glen plaid.  Conceptualized in Scotland before the advent of text messaging (sometime during the 1800’s), it’s essentially a check-over-check design that finds a houndstooth pattern where their paths cross.  The classic is best known for it’s black & white pattern, but it’s just that: classic glen plaid.  How can it be made modern?

Color, that’s how. Maintain the same pattern, but re-imagine the color. Start slowly by integrating blue into the design, something as simple as a windowpane. Think purples if you want to move quicker.   A heightened sense of color and pattern will not only make this piece contemporary, but tosses in a bit of versatility to the mix.

Used most often as a sport coat, it’s best kept lean.  Pair it with a charcoal pant for casual Friday. Consider it with a bluer blue pant for a more dapper look.  Dress it down denim. Whatever the situation calls for, the Modern Glen Plaid is sure to add something new to any established wardrobe.

Sonny BalaniThe Modern Glen Plaid

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