The New Navy Pinstripe

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The power suit is back. And best of all, it left the giant cell phone and shoulder pads back in the 80’s.  While it’s true that some classics are timeless, it’s also true that sometimes classics can be dated. With that said, consider The New Navy Pinstripe: the executive suit for modern style.
Defining what a power suit is may seem like a difficult task. Is it a dark fabric? Does it have to have pinstripes? Regardless of what’s conjured up, there’s really no right answer, so long as it gives you confidence when it’s on your back. It’s the “go-to” suit in the wardrobe when work needs to get done.  It just so happens that most guys feel great in a dark suit with a pinstripe, so it’s not a bad image to hold on to.

This season, rather than just the basic navy with a gray stripe, consider re-imagining it. A contemporary navy, one that’s not as drone in tone, with a distinguished pinstripe (perhaps one in a lighter blue) hints at newness. This is all accomplished without losing its professionalism, from the boardroom to box seats.

And don’t hesitate to invigorate the look by wearing a coordinating vest.  The old adage that two heads are better than one is not much different than the clothier’s adage that 3-pieces are better than two. With the right fabric, the right cut, and the right attitude, the New Navy Pinstripe is sure to be the new power suit.

Sonny BalaniThe New Navy Pinstripe

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