The Sophisticated Suit

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Sophistication: – “Appealing to or engaging the intellect”

We may think of personalities or palettes in conjunction with the above adjective, but perhaps it’s time to start associating our wardrobe with it as well. That being said, it begs the question: What is a Sophisticated Suit?

It’s one that inspires thought. Consider a charcoal glen plaid with a light blue windowpane. While this may sound eerily similar to the Modern Glen Plaid used for a sport coat, it lacks the heighten sense and bold use of color. The sophistication rests in the subtle dark pattern used for suiting, one that’s un-intimidated by a hint of color.

Although it’s defined by it’s pattern, the charcoal glen plaid can certainly be worn in an uninspired fashion.  In this sense, it serves the function of a solid suit; it’s rather unremarkable.  Yet, proving its worth and versatility, it can be made into an understated look of elegance that engages the intellect.

To accomplish that end, strive to compliment the blue in the suit.  A crisp white shirt with a light blue tie will suffice. Simply wear it with a French blue shirt. Or always be prepared to the amplify the look by exercising a pocket square in the coordinating color; consider designing the suit with a lining and push up pocket square in a complimentary tone.

However you choose to wear the suit, it is one that deserves a place in any well-dressed man’s wardrobe.  It is a small step outside of the basics, yet provides a level of taste sure to appeal to the intellect of any well-dressed man.

Sonny BalaniThe Sophisticated Suit

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