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As the holidays encroach upon us and the Evites begin to stack up in our inboxes, you may find yourself asking “What should I wear to THAT party?” It only makes sense, for ‘tis the season for sartorial confusion. Is it a formal engagement? A casual gathering? What if I’m underdressed? Fear no more, there is a solution: The French Cuff shirt.

Both diplomatic and debonair, the French cuff is taking a stand in the American market. The folded back cuffs (better known as the Double Cuff across the pond, due to it’s bulkier appearance) are no longer held captive to the executive boardroom or the Groom’s wrist. They’ve also been making untucked appearances with denim and open collared encores with a modern sport coat. It’s precisely because of this versatility the French cuff is becoming a mainstay in the man’s wardrobe.

“Casual Fridays” are getting played out and men are realizing the need for a more professional appearance in the work place. Enter the French cuff. While they’re traditionally dressier, wearing it in an non-traditional, unbuttoned fashion (no tie, 1 or 2 buttons, relaxed) can sneak a touch of formality to your Fridays. Not to mention, this style easily transitions to happy hour martini attire.

The popularity is also embracing the fact that one’s wardrobe can (and should!) reflect your personality; cufflinks are integral part in doing so. With your timepiece acting as the solo accessory, cufflinks offer a certain level of finesse without overcomplicating a look. Whether you’re conservative with simple sterling links or the nautical anchor-wearing type, your choice of cufflink says something about you.

And you don’t even have to mention your yacht.

Sonny BalaniOff the Cuff

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