Top this Coat

top coatYou see it on the street: shorter, trimmer cut suits. Whether you like them or not is up to you, but one thing is for sure: the fashion industry does. As we buckle down and brace for winter, it doesn’t matter how well your suit fits if it looks like you’re wearing a Snuggie over it.

You know the look I’m talking about. The over sized wool topcoat that comes in any color as long as it’s black. So if you’re liking the trimmer suit, then maybe it’s time you invested in a trimmer cut topcoat to match your taste and physique. This is how to go about it.

First, you’ll want the coat cut like your suit coat: with shape. Forget raglan shoulders and opt for a harder line. It will accentuate a tapered fit. In terms of length, cut it right above the knees. Not only will it make you a bit taller, but it will be easier to manage if you find yourself sitting during your daily commute. Trimmer still? Pinch the waist in

Lastly, be bold and dare for something other than the Model-T black. Think charcoals, navys, even camels. Throw some texture in and opt for a herringbone, tweed, or corduroy. You can even pattern it up and do a pinstripe or windowpane.

The beauty of having a custom coat is that it’s yours to shape up. Peruse a few of the styling options available in our Collection. Or if you’re just sick of being cold, schedule an appointment today to warm up.

Sonny BalaniTop this Coat