Trendsetter: The Duke of Windsor

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”I was in fact produced as a leader of fashion, with the clothiers as my showmen and the world as my audience.”  – Duke of Windsor

Throughout history, notable players have infiltrated the world of men’s fashion and established groundbreaking trends that left an undeniable presence in our culture.  These godfather’s of fashion, although few and far between, brought us fitted suits, bold patterns, and even new tie knots.

The Duke of Windsor, formerly King Edward VIII of England, was one of the world’s greatest fashion icons.  Most commonly known for donning the Windsor knot, the Duke of Windsor’s dynamic sense of style influenced fashion across the world.

Standing at 5 feet 5 inches, the Duke vehemently enjoyed breaking the rules of fashion.  In an era dominated by structure and formality, the Duke was considered an innovator.   Gravitating towards comfort and mobility, the Duke referred to his style as “dress soft.”

A fan of bold fabric patterns, the Duke tweaked many of his measurements to give the impression of being tall.  He achieved this by having all of his jacket waists cut higher to elongate his silhouette.  No stranger to perfectionism, the Duke wore girdles underneath his suits and even had the pockets on the left side of his trousers cut wider to provide him with more room for his cigarette case.

With expectations of longevity, the Duke had no qualms about investing in the world’s finest fabrics.  With help from his tailor, Scholte of Savile Row, and his unchanging waistline, the Duke’s wardrobe managed to span over 60 years.

Even today, the Duke is considered as one of the most influential people in fashion history.  His innovative approach to design and style has truly made him a godfather of fashion.

Sonny BalaniTrendsetter: The Duke of Windsor

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