Sport Coat vs. Suit in River North

It’s 6:00pm on Saturday night, and you and your friends have plans to get dinner and drinks in River North. While jeans and a T-shirt might be your typical outfit of choice, it’s important to remember, that it’s always better to be overdressed rather than underdressed.  So the question remains, what should you wear?

The answer is simple, when in doubt, add a sport coat. A suit is great for a special occasion, but a sport coat is the best choice for a regular night out.  Sport coats automatically dress up your outfit; giving you an edge over everyone else who’s simply wearing jeans and a button down shirt.

The key to successfully pulling off a sport coat is to find a pattern that is bold but also complimentary to a variety of shirt and slacks options. Whether you are wearing jeans or slacks, the sport coat should be the statement piece of your outfit and should always look intentional. When pairing a bold sport coat with a shirt, opt for a subtle pattern and be sure to keep in mind the scale of the pattern. If you choose a subtle sport coat with minimal pattern or a simple texture, pair it with a bold shirt.

Do – Find a sport coat that has vibrant colors or bold patterns. It’s important to find a fabric that “speaks to you.”

Don’t – Take you pinstripe or glen plaid suit jacket and toss it over your outfit. People will be able to tell.

Lastly, don’t forget about your feet. Put down the sneakers and put on a pair of leather boots or loafers. Trust me, women will notice the difference.

Sonny BalaniSport Coat vs. Suit in River North