Custom shirts by BALANI


Oversized shoulders and awkwardly back-tucking extra fabric are officially a thing of the past.  BALANI's custom shirts will single-handedly change the way you look, feel and shop for button-down shirts. With thousand of colors and patterns to choose from, each shirt from BALANI is truly unique and customizable. Ask your clothier how to easily stock your closet!


  • Shirt Design & Fit
  • Collar Style (Button-Down, Hidden Button-Down, or Built-In Stays)
  • Collar Spread and Point Length
  • Cuff Style (French, Button, Double-Button)
  • Monogram (Style, Color & Placement)
  • Contrasting Fabric Inside Collars and Cuffs
  • Front Shirt Style (Plain Front, Placket Front, or Fly Front)
  • Shirt Back (No Pleats, Double-Pleated, or Box Pleat)
  • Button Attachment Thread Color
  • Buttons and Buttonhole Color
  • And so much more

Did we mention - There's no additional charge for customized styling details! Schedule an appointment and get styling today!