Russ Rosenzweig

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“l love the unique showroom experience at BALANI, especially the modern, clean lines and the relaxing environment. I was able to see a wide selection of finished products, and then sit down at the Fabric Bar to make selections and design my own custom pieces, while sipping a beer. Why would I ever shop any other way?”

—Russ Rosenzweig, CEO Round Table Group (click for more info)

Sonny BalaniRuss Rosenzweig
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Donald Clark, Sr.

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“I’ve always felt that dressing well is crucial to professional success. Doing it with style and sophistication, that’s what I’ve come to know and expect from Balani for the last thirty years.
The tradition has continued with my son, Don Clark Jr., who has worked with Balani to tailor his wardrobe throughout his prominent legal career, and now the tradition further continues with my grandson Alex.”

– Donald Clark Sr., Former CEO and Chairman of the Board for Household International Bank (Now HSBC North America) (click for more info)

Sonny BalaniDonald Clark, Sr.
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Richard Dent

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“Being a professional athlete and having a large build, I have found it difficult to find articles of clothing that fit me the way I want them to. If I do find something, I still have to get it altered and most of the time it still doesn’t fit properly.
This is where Balani comes in. Not only do the clothes come out fitting me perfectly, but I have an almost unlimited selection of great fabrics and styles to choose from! BALANI’s service, selection and fit is exceptional and I would recommend the experience to anyone.”

—Richard Dent, Chicago Bears Defensive End #95,
Super Bowl XX MVP

Sonny BalaniRichard Dent
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