Mille Stripes

mille stripesMille Stripes
Stripes formed by individual threads that alternate in color. Unless you look at the fabric up close, you may mistake this for a solid. The mille stripe is a nice alternative to a basic solid custom shirt.

Sonny BalaniMille Stripes
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lycraLycra /ˈlīkrə/
The DuPont trademark for its spandex fiber. Any time you see this synthetic fiber listed on a label, expect comfort, movement and shape retention that won’t wash away. It’s lack of breathability makes it less than ideal for a custom suit

Sonny BalaniLycra
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ginghamGingham /ˈgiNGəm/

 A yarn-dyed, check or plaid fabric made of pure or blended cotton. Checked ginghams use two colors, plaid ginghams several. The name comes from the Malay word ging gang, meaning striped. The gingham pattern is a perfect custom shirt because of its versatility.
Sonny BalaniGingham
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facingFacing /fāsiNG/
A piece of fabric sewn to the inside of a garment for lining purposes, or to add structure. All of BALANI’s custom suits are made with the facing process.

Sonny BalaniFacing
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crepeCrepe /kreyp/
Refers to a crinkly, crimped or grained surface. It is used to describe all kinds of fabrics-wool, cotton, silk, rayon, synthetics, and blends. It comes from the French word Creper, which means “to crimp or frizz.”

Sonny BalaniCrepe
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