embroideryEmbroidery /em-broi-duh-ree, -dree/
Fancy needlework or trimming consisting of colored yarn, embroidery floss, and soft cotton, silk or metallic thread. Although hand embroidery is still a widely practiced craft, most commercially produced embroidered clothes are made by machine. Adds beauty and breathability to a garment.

Sonny BalaniEmbroidery
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dupionDupion /doo-pee-ohn/ 
A plain weave silk that is know n for its irregularity and untwisted fibers that are spread out at intervals throughout the fabric.

Sonny BalaniDupion
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dobbyDobby ˈdä-bē
A type of woven fabric that contains simple geometric forms or motifs, where the design on the fabrics created in the weaving process.

Sonny BalaniDobby
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CharmeuseCharmeuse /SHärˈm(y)o͝oz/
The trade name of silk and silk-like fabrics that are characterized by a shiny, soft satin-like appearance.

Sonny BalaniCharmeuse
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BroadclothBroadcloth /ˈbrôdˌklôTH/
A plain weave of cotton, silk and rayon fibers that are woven with a fine crosswise rib that is similar to but more delicate than poplin, giving a lustrous and soft finish.

Sonny BalaniBroadcloth
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cashmereCashmere /kazh-meer/
A luxury natural fiber found from the soft fleecy undergrowth of the Kashmir goat, found in Tibet, Mongolia, China, Iraq, Iran, and India. It is most commonly used in sweaters, shawls, suits and outerwear for its warmth and softness. It’s the perfect fabric choice for a custom winter coat.

Sonny BalaniCashmere
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