How To Plan Your Wardrobe

Planning your wardrobe for the future
Summer’s here, and with your winter gear pleasantly tucked away in the back of your closet, it’s the perfect time to plan your wardrobe for the fall.

What, too soon?  In reality, it’s not.  Planning your wardrobe a season ahead of time is essential for building your wardrobe and keeping up to date with the latest fashion trends.  Custom clothiers employ this practice perfectly.

This idea isn’t novel.  Think about it: fashion designers put out their spring collection in winter and their winter collection in spring.  This lets the industry (and the rest of us) know what’s “in” and what’s “out.”  It also gives us the opportunity to see if some of the clothes we haven’t worn in a while are back in style (sorry, ripped jeans are still not OK).

Once you do a little research as to what’s “in” for the season, then it’s time to find what inspires you.  Snap a photo of a jacket you like in a window display, or tear out a picture of a suit in a magazine that caught your eye.  Email these pictures to your tailors, and they can keep it on file for you. This will enable you and your tailor to design the perfect garment when the time comes to place an order.

Our recommendation for approaching pre-season shopping is to ask one question: What will I wear two or three months from now?  Start by consolidating what you currently own, then place an order for the missing pieces eight weeks before you plan on wearing the garment.  This means that you should purchase an overcoat in September to wear in December and a summer suit in March to wear in June.

Planning your wardrobe a season ahead of time will help keep your clothes feeling fresh and up-to-date.  Find upcoming styles you like, and rely on your tailor to incorporate them into your look.  After all, that’s what we’re here for.

Sonny BalaniHow To Plan Your Wardrobe

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