How to Travel in Style: 5 Tips on Packing for a Trip

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One of the most frequent questions we’re asked at BALANI is: “What should I pack when I travel for work?”

Clearly it’s important to pack smart—with minimal luggage (unless you have your own private jet) and versatile clothing options—but what many men fail to realize is the invaluable opportunities of traveling in style.  Before we discuss the practical side to packing, let’s consider why men’s travel clothes are so important.

One of the greatest advantages of traveling is the opportunity to network and meet new people.  Striking up a conversation with the person sitting next to you on the plane is an easy way to meet a potential client or gain a referral, and how you’re dressed gives them an immediate impression of your character.

With that said, take a minute to consider how you present yourself when traveling. Are you in jeans and sneakers or a blazer and loafers?

One thing we always recommend is “dressing the part”:  Not only will you be treated better, but airlines and hotels are also more inclined to upgrade you when you are dressed well.  Regardless of your profession, putting your best-dressed foot forward is an effortless way of gaining respect from others.  And you never know who you’ll meet by chance—a new client, a potential job lead, even a future spouse.

Now (as we step off the proverbial soap box…)—onto the tips! Here are the BALANI tips for packing for a trip:

1. Use your suitcase for casual clothes, and be sure to travel in a suit. Not only will you look great, but you’ll also prevent unwanted wrinkles from afflicting your suit.  Plus, you’re covered if the airline accidentally loses your luggage.  Not like that ever happens…

2. Pack lightly and bring a variety of versatile clothing options. For a short, 2- to 3-day business trip, bring two suits, four shirts, and two pairs of shoes.

3. When determining which suits to pack, the best options are a solid charcoal and a dark navy with a subtle pattern. Not only are they are the most versatile colors, they are also appropriate for almost any situation.

4. For each suit you bring, be sure to pack two shirts that match it. Leave the bold patterns and bright colors at home, and bring clothes with subtle patterns and soft colors.  A classic, white shirt is a must.  This way, no one will notice if you wear the same white shirt more than once.

5. Lastly, be sure to pack one brown pair of shoes and one black pair—leave the lace-ups at home and only pack slip-ons. This way, you can avoid holding up the security line at the airport.

When traveling for business a few key things to remember are: Always travel in a suit and pack clothes that are versatile in color and pattern.  Employing these easy tips will help guarantee you’re trip is stress-free and stylish. After all, you never know whom you’ll meet.  It could be the one client that leads to your private jet.

What are you must-haves and tips for traveling?  Let us know on our Facebook page!

Sonny BalaniHow to Travel in Style: 5 Tips on Packing for a Trip

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