Top Five Things You Should Never Wear with a Custom Suit

While there are a lot of ways to add style and personality to your business attire, there are just some things a man should never wear with a suit. Below are the top five fashion faux pas when it comes to donning a stellar wardrobe. And be sure to post your own items that should never come near your suits on our Facebook page.

5.) Ski jacket. We cringe when a man takes great care to choose the fine fabric, thread color, silk jacket lining, and tie pattern, only to throw on his old coat over it to head into the wintery weather. Guys, the last thing you put on going out the door is the first thing people will notice, and you’re most likely to meet someone new when out and about. Don’t cover up your impeccable sense of style with a coat that doesn’t match what’s underneath

4.) Gym shoes. This should go without saying, but think again when throwing on a pair of sneakers with slacks and a sports coat. They’re made for exactly what their name implies: the gym. If you don’t want to scuff up your dress shoes during the commute, invest in weather-proofing techniques or a nice pair of stylish black boots. And if there’s still some confusion on proper shoe care, check out how to keep your shoes kickin’.

3.) Baseball cap. The go-to baseball cap may work for casual Sunday sports viewing, but leave it with your jeans and t-shirts when dressing for work or going anywhere other than a sports bar. If you crave something fashionable to compliment your suit, go with a more stylish hat like the fedora or invest in a nice pair of sunglasses.

2.) Casual jewelry. Men should tread lightly when it comes to wearing jewelry with a suit. Your best bet is to aim for elegant simplicity: a nice watch and stunning pair of cufflinks. Anything that involves wood, beads, hemp or plastic shouldn’t come anywhere near your suits. If you want to add a little color or character to a neutral suit, look to bold or patterned pocket squares, ties, shirts and vests.

1.) White socks with dress shoes. If your sock drawer contents haven’t changed since college, it’s time to do some shopping. While socks stay invisible much of the time, they can provide a wonderful compliment to the fabrics in your clothing. Flashing a little color or pattern when sitting down shows you’re serious about your style.



Sonny BalaniTop Five Things You Should Never Wear with a Custom Suit

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