How To Wear A Khaki Suit 3 Different Ways

A staple for summer, the khaki, suit is extremely versatile and lends itself to a variety of looks. Consider it a blank canvas, capable of being transformed simply by what you pair it with.

The Casual Khaki

The easiest way to get a casual look without looking like you’re on an African Safari is to wear your khaki suit with a knit shirt, or to break it up and wear it as separates.

Whether you go with a nautical stripe or simple pastel, a polo shirt will give your khaki suit that casual appearance you can’t achieve with a button down. To complete the look, add a canvas belt and brown loafers.

Sometimes break ups are a good thing, and in this case, breaking up your khaki suit as using it as separates is a great thing. If you don’t want to wear the same outfit to happy hour that you wore to work, simply ditch the tie and suit pants, and wear your jacket with jeans or a pair of cotton slacks instead. This way you’re guaranteed to have a completely different look from day to night.

The Bold Khaki

Want your suit to stand out? Then go for bold patterns and bright colors. When pumping up a neutral khaki suit, don’t be afraid to get adventurous with your shirt patterns. A bold gingham, colorful plaid or Bengal stripe works beautifully with the simplicity of the khaki. When it comes to color, pastels are best for getting a light, summery feel. For a darker look, pair your suit with shades like navy, chocolate brown and charcoal. To finish off the look, add a pocket square and patterned tie for a pop of color.

The Classic Khaki

When it comes to the classic khaki suit, think to the effortless style of Daniel Craig in Casino Royal or the elegance of Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby. The classic khaki suit is generally monochromatic and employs a subtle color scheme. Whether you opt for a single-breasted or double-breasted jacket, tie or no tie, one thing is certain, nothing looks better than a crisp white shirt and white cotton pocket square with a khaki suit.

Sonny BalaniHow To Wear A Khaki Suit 3 Different Ways