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One of the Top 6 Custom Clothiers in the World

by Carlos Rubin – J.W. Marriott Magazine

Tailored to Perfection

Off the rack?  No thanks. Made to measure? Only if you’re in a hurry. For the truly perfect men’s shirt, connoisseurs know that bespoke – a 100 percent personalized product- is the only way to go. Here’s six top tailors in six top cities.


The Man to Know: Sonny Balani at Balani Custom Clothiers

Credentials: This family-owned business-Sonny’s father Peter trained in London and Milan- has kept the men of Chicago looking sharp for fifty years.

Cost: Suits from $895, Slacks from $275, Blazers from $675, Shirts from $125.

The Edge: Service included cocktails from a fully-stocked bar on premises.

INFO: balanicustom.com

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