The Final Four: Best Dressed Coaches

Photo: Best Dressed Coaches

With March Madness upon us, we’ve all witnessed shocking upsets, unbelievable comebacks and tremendous efforts from teams trying to claim a coveted spot in the Final Four.  Keeping with the spirit of March Madness, we at Balani have dubbed our Final Four best dressed, basketball coaches in the NCAA.  What’d you expect?  We’re a custom clothier, not ESPN.

Coming in at number four, is U.N.C head coach, Roy Williams.  Frequently seen in a pinstripe suit, Carolina blue tie and white pocket square, Williams is rarely dressed in anything but his team’s colors.  Occasionally, you’ll even catch him wearing the famous Tar Heel pattern.  Fear the argyle, indeed.

Landing the number 3 spot on our list is Louisville coach, Rick Pitino.  If the Godfather gave up his life of crime and decided to coach college basketball, he would undoubtedly be Rick Pitino.  Having a fondness for bold pinstripe suits, red ties, white pocket squares and slicked back hair; Pitino’s suits are always tailored to perfection.   A little advice Pitino: leave the white suit.  Take the cannolis.

Upsetting Pitino for the number 2 spot is controversial Kentucky coach, John Calipari.  Despite his notoriously loud personality, Calipari has a conservative sense of style.  He is often seen wearing an expensive black suit, classic white shirt and Kentucky blue tie.  A firm believer in the phrase “dress for success,” Calipari criticized former Wildcat player, Dale Brown for wearing an electric blue suit, as a tribute to his former team.   Where’s the love, Calipari?  He must have left it in his other suit.

So who takes the number 1 spot?  Not that you had any doubt, but our winner is ever-modest (cough of sarcasm) Villanova coach, Jay Wright.  Don’t believe us?  Check out the article he wrote about himself: Jay Wright: Key to my Style: It’s gotta be the suit. A long time connoisseur of custom clothing, Wright has over 30 suits filling up two master closets.  His idea of dressing casual is wearing a three-piece suit instead of a tux.  A self-proclaimed fashion enthusiast, Wright believes in high-quality fabrics, impeccable fit and buttoning every button.

So the moral of the story is: It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, as long as you look good doing it.

Sonny BalaniThe Final Four: Best Dressed Coaches
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