Top Six Things Women Love About Men’s Style

Guys, whether we like it or not, our style says a lot about us, and no one notices more than women. After painstaking research into the eternal question What do women want?, we’ve come up with the top six things women love about your style.

6. Dress Shoes
Watch any Sex and the City¬†episode, and you’ll immediately notice the importance women put on a nice pair of shoes. Depending on your profession, dress shoes might not be part of your daily routine. However, that’s no excuse for not owning a few pairs of well-made, stylish dress shoes. Wear them with your best suit, or as a way to dress up slacks and a sport coat. And don’t forget proper shoe maintenance!

5. Style/Trend
While some men’s clothing has a classic, timeless look, styles tend to change over time. This doesn’t mean you must purchase a new wardrobe every month, but keep in mind current trends, as women love a man who’s up-to-date on fashion. For your quality pieces made to last a while, go with a classic look that won’t seem dated in a few years. But keep a trendy shirt or accessory around for a little extra pizzazz that shows you care about your look.

4. Fit
Shopping the most fashionable styles will do nothing for a man if it does not fit properly. If nothing suits you like a suit, make sure your investment goes towards something that fits you perfectly-ideally custom cut and fitted specifically for your shape and size.  Baggy, loose clothing is out and appears messy and disheveled. Shop smart for clothing that fits properly so you always look sharp.

3. Purpose
A man who dresses with purpose shows that he’s both attentive and fashionable. Before you head out the door, think about your destination. Is it a professional setting that requires a well-designed suit, or is it a dive bar where a blazer might look pretentious? But remember: It’s always better to be the best dressed man in the room than the worst dressed.

2. Subtlety
Almost an art form, subtlety is an often-overlooked style that women desire. While trendy, loud colors and designs will definitely get you noticed, it may not be the right kind of attention. But this doesn’t mean avoid the pink shirts- just don’t pair them with brightly colored pants or suits. Employ a “less is more” outlook when it comes to your wardrobe; women will stop and take notice of your chic, understated manner.

1. Self-confidence
There is no better compliment to your style than an air of confidence (note: not cockiness). Women can sense it from a mile away: A confident man who exudes certainty and poise in any situation. This transcends physical clothing and hits on posture, a firm handshake, and a self-assured smile. And although you can’t buy confidence, you can invest in chic, well-fitted clothing that bumps up your self-esteem a notch or two.

Sonny BalaniTop Six Things Women Love About Men’s Style
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