My Father, Peter Balani

This Father’s Day, I want to take a moment to acknowledge my father, Peter Balani, who founded Balani Custom Clothiers in 1961.

Growing up, my father was always traveling for work and making sacrifices to give my sister and me better opportunities. When I turned 16, he proudly asked me if I would like to join the family business. Like any 16-year-old, I quickly shut him down stating I would pave my own path.

Ten years later as I was going through a career transition, he asked me the same question again. With several years of finance and corporate experience under my belt, I was finally able to recognize the magnitude of this opportunity.

To this day, my father is still encouraging yet firm, pushing me and the business to our fullest potential. My father exemplifies quality, teamwork, and top-notch customer service; core values that were not only bestowed on me, but on each and every member of the Balani team.

Today, my father is 80-years-old and continues to support and challenge me every step of the way. Nowadays, his wish is that my 7-year-old son, Jai, gives me just as hard of a time as I once gave him.

I wish you all a Happy Father’s Day and hope you take the opportunity to recognize the father figure in your life.

– Sonny Balani

Sonny BalaniMy Father, Peter Balani
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