The 5 Men’s Clothing Essentials for Spring

With the weather slowly warming up, now is the perfect time to transition your dull, winter wardrobe into something a little brighter.  Put away the dark colors and heavyweight fabrics and reintroduce a little color into your day-to-day attire. Here are 5 wardrobe essentials we recommend for spring.

The Navy Blazer

A navy blazer is one of the most fundamental pieces in your wardrobe because it is by far the most versatile. Whether you are going to the office, out to dinner, or cruising in your yacht the navy blazer is a great option for just about any occasion. Lighten up a midnight-navy blazer by opting for a brighter British blue fabric instead.  The lighter blue is a great way to introduce vibrant colors into your spring wardrobe.

Buttons will also help transform the look of your blazer. For a modern look, replace the traditional brass buttons for a darker mother of pearl button.  This will transform the style of your blazer from traditional and preppy to fresh and contemporary.

Light Gray Suit

Just as a dark charcoal suit compliments winter, the light gray suit is synonymous with spring. The light gray works perfectly with soft pastels and bold patterned shirts, giving you unlimited versatility within your wardrobe. To finish the look, wear it with chili-colored shoes and a camel colored belt.

The Sport Coat

A patterned sport coat is the easiest way to incorporate color into your wardrobe.  Often made in bold prints, the sport coat blends a myriad of colors in one single jacket.  For those who like a little pop of color, change the lapel buttonhole stitching to match one of the colors in your jacket.  If you’re going for the casual look, pair your sport coat with a patterned button down shirt that ties in one or more of the colors in your jacket.

Cotton Patterned Socks

It’s time to retire your boring wool socks and incorporate a little life into your footwear routine.  The latest trend in menswear is a trim cut slack that (when sitting) highlights your patterned socks.  Now that the weather is warm, add some pep in your step by picking up a pair of V.K. Nagrani’s colorful, cotton socks.

Pastels and Prints (Shirts)

Spring is the perfect time of year to sport your plaids, striped, and checked pattern shirts. When it comes to spring patterns, the bolder the better.  Color, pattern, and texture should all play a part in foundation of your spring wardrobe. So trade out a basic white shirt for a lavender gingham plaid and embrace the brighter side of spring.


Sonny BalaniThe 5 Men’s Clothing Essentials for Spring