How to Protect Your Custom Clothes in Chicago’s Rainy Season

As we settle upon the last few weeks of winter and await the warmer months of spring, we will undoubtedly combat snow, rain, slush and everything in between. The real challenge comes when you’re forced to try and protect your wardrobe from mother nature’s wrath. Listed below are a few items that will help safeguard your wardrobe from head to toe.

The Trench Coat

A great way to protect your custom, wool suit from rain and snow is to invest in a quality trench coat.  From Humphrey Bogart to Dick Tracy, the trench coat has been a quintessential staple in men’s fashion for over 100 years. Origins of the trench coat began during the Boer War for the British military.  The goal was to design a coat that not only repelled water, but also kept the wearer warm and ventilated simultaneously.  Today, the trench serves the same function and for this reason it is one of the most versatile forms of outerwear.  A good tip, is to have your trench coats scotch guarded 1-2 times a year.  This will force any water that comes into contact with your coat to bead off rather than soak in and ruin your suit.


Also known as slicks or rubbers, these shoe protectors are worn over your dress shoes and are a great way to salvage your shoes from a treacherous walk in the snow.  Sure, we all know that you’re supposed to wear galoshes when its dropping buckets of snow, but what most men don’t realize is that it is more important to wear them on the day the snow has melted.  Despite the absence of snow, the streets leave behind a substantial amount of salt exposing your shoes to a higher risk of cracking and becoming dried out.


Like any other accessory your umbrella should be an extension of your own personal style.  Aside from keeping you dry, it should be sophisticated and considered a completion of your wardrobe.  Invest in a high quality umbrella that has superb functionality and a signature style.  Davek (yes, we carry them) is known for making top of the line umbrellas that are built to last a lifetime.

Simply by incorporating these weather repellent tools, you’re suits and shoes are guaranteed to last and keep you looking great.  Not to mention they will help transition your wardrobe from season to season.

Sonny BalaniHow to Protect Your Custom Clothes in Chicago’s Rainy Season