The 5 Men’s Clothing Essentials for Spring: Vol. 2

Chicago spring is around the corner, bringing warmer weather, brighter colors and the opportunity to ditch those heavyweight flannels for some lightweight wools and cottons. This season is all about color, so swap out your black and dark navy clothes for some warmer grays and brighter blues.

Here are 5 essential items that are must-haves for this spring.

The New Navy

Goodbye to the days where navy equaled ‘almost black’ and hello to the newer, brighter and more enticing navy. While a classic navy suit  is a wardrobe staple, it’s important to add some variety to your basics. A British blue suit is the perfect addition because it’s a brighter blue without being overly bold. Wear it with a crisp white shirt, chestnut brown shoes, and a camel color belt and you’re guaranteed to be one of the most dapper gentlemen in the Loop.

The Statement Sport Coat

One of best ways to punch up your look is by incorporating a statement sport coat to your wardrobe. Typically a bold pattern or vibrant color, a statement sport coat makes a major impact with minimal effort. Bear in mind that this sport coat is meant to do all the heavy lifting in regards to bringing an outfit to life; so make sure to keep your slacks and shirt simple and muted.

Lightweight Wool Slacks

Color: Ash Gray

Being one of the lightest grays in the spectrum, ash gray can be treated as a neutral making it extremely versatile and an undeniably valuable pair of slacks for every man’s wardrobe. Occasionally referred to as tropical wool, lightweight fabric are usually between 7 and 8.5 ounces. The biggest advantage of lightweight wool is its ability to breath. This will help keep you cool on a warmer spring day.

The Everyday Trench Coat

Color: Earth tones

Now is the perfect time to bench your winter overcoat and bring out your starting line of trenches.  Originally designed as a lightweight option for the French and British military during the Boer and First World War, a trench coat  serves as one of the most transitional pieces in your wardrobe. Usually double breasted and made out of cotton or poplin, a trench coat repels water and also keeps the wearer warm and ventilated simultaneously.

Cotton Slacks

Color: Basics and Bolds

This spring, the bolder the cotton the more fashionable it is. Whether you opt for a bold red or a classic khaki, cotton slacks are a great way to incorporate color into your everyday wardrobe. Not only are they comfortable, but because cotton is both lightweight and extremely breathable, they make a great alternative to wool slacks on a hot day. For a casual look, design your cotton slacks like a pair of jeans and have them made with 5 pockets and welt stitching along the side.

Sonny BalaniThe 5 Men’s Clothing Essentials for Spring: Vol. 2