Men’s Style: Downtown Chicago

Chicago Men's Style






Just like deep dish pizza, the ivy at Wrigley Field, and Chicago style hotdogs, the Windy City has its own signature style when it comes to men’s fashion. Chicago has never lacked character, and just like our city, our fashion is equally as distinctive.

Despite the sea of black North Face jackets walking around, Chicago’s style can be both sophisticated and playful. In regards to fashion, we’re considered to be the less flamboyant, more laid back, little brother of New York. This is the Midwest after all.

Unlike LA or New York, Chicago’s fashion largely revolves around the need of practicality. Overcoats, seasonal suit fabrics, and bold sport coats are must-haves due to the ever-changing weather conditions.

When it comes to suits, the simpler the better. Chicago men gravitate toward classic charcoals and rich navies, while New Yorker’s are known for their bold, banker-inspired, pinstripe suits. It is this simplicity that makes our city less trend heavy and more traditional.

While suit colors and patterns are simpler and more subdued, the fabric weights and compositions vary quite substantially. From heavy weight flannels and cashmeres to lightweight tropical wools and cottons, having the appropriate fabric for the appropriate season is essential. Chicago’s weather regularly transforms from bright and sunny to down right cold and snowy in a matter of days, so having a variety of seasonal suit fabrics is the best way to be prepared for any unwanted weather surprises.

Also, sport coats are extremely valuable, because they are the perfect transitional piece. Since Chicago’s weather is so unpredictable, a sport coat is a great solution for the cooler months of spring and fall. Not only will it keep you warm, but it also gives your outfit life by adding bold patterns and vibrant colors to an ordinary slack and shirt combination.


Sonny BalaniMen’s Style: Downtown Chicago