The Full Press

There is one thing that is never in style: wrinkles.
With the exception of linen, this is the rule. So if you’re wearing a suit be sure to make an effort to keep it pressed. While wearing a suit all day won’t leave the garment flawless in appearance, there are certain steps you can take to help.

Sure, the obvious response is to take the suit to the cleaners and have it dry cleaned after every wear. It’ll look great… for a little while. Unlike normal washing, dry cleaning uses an aggressive chemical solvent to clean the fabric. It can wear down the fabric, causing the colors to bleed and fade if the temperature is too hot, with the fabric certainly losing it’s luster. Cleaning a suit more than a few times a year is overkill.

Instead, take your suit the cleaners and ask them to “Steam Press.” It’ll give the garment a fresh feel, without the chemical harshness.  The clothing is draped across a professional pressing machine (standard to almost all dry cleaners) where bursts of steam are pulled through the fabric.

The high heat will remove wrinkles, small spots, and any odors the suit has picked up over time.  This is all done without compromising the softness or color of the fabric. Just be weary of suits that are glued together, as most off-the-rack suits are. The glue has a tendency to melt (this is true even when dry cleaning), shortening the life span of the suit.  As long as the suit is a full canvas construction, the Balani standard, you’ll be pressed and ready to dress.

Sonny BalaniThe Full Press

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