What Your Drink of Choice Says About Your Style

A man’s drink of choice is as unique as his fashion sense. Some of us prefer whiskey, while others like fruity drinks with an umbrella hanging off the side. No judgment if you fall into the latter category.
Even though our tastes can change from time to time, there’s always one drink you go back to night after night. This my friends, is your “Libashion.” Never heard of it? Let me explain, a “libashion” is the corresponding fashion to your libations. It’s the bro to your bromance or the man to your mantrum. We promise to never use those words again.

The Martini Guy

For those of you who are “shaken, not stirred” and occasionally dirty with extra blue cheese olives, your overall style is elegant, classic and sophisticated. In your eyes, black tie optional always means wearing a tuxedo, and you’re usually one of the best-dressed men in the room. You gravitate towards sleek, minimalist styles and you who heartedly believe that less is always more. Most of the suits in your wardrobe are solid colors and your shirt and ties combinations are frequently monochromatic. For you, simplicity is key.

The Scotch Guy

Whether it’s on the rocks or neat, your drink of choice represents your smooth, commanding style. You enjoy scotch for its complexity and robustness just like you enjoy a power suit for everything it embodies. You’re not afraid to be noticed or make an impact when you walk into a room.

When it comes to suits, you are drawn toward bold suit patterns such as chalk stripes, windowpanes and glen plaids. Unlike the ‘Martini Guy,’ you are a fan of accessorizing you ensemble with unique details. For this reason, you consider a pocket square and tie clip instrumental pieces of your ensemble.

The Wine Guy

“That’s a very nice Chardonnay you’re not drinking.” If you relate to this quote, then you’re probably one of these three things, a ‘Wine Guy,’ an Italian, or a fan of American Pyscho.

Similar to the ‘Martini Guy’ your style is fresh, classic, and semi-preppy.  You trend toward the conservative side, but you aren’t afraid of mixing patterns and textures into your wardrobe either. You embrace earth tones and rich colors like plum and midnight navy, but you also gravitate to warmer colors in the spring and summer. Like the layers of flavor in wine, you’ve mastered the art of layering fabrics no matter what the season.

The Beer Guy (Light beer drinkers not included in this category)

The last and most casual of the four categories, is the ‘Beer Guy.’ You enjoy beer for its variety and depth of flavors, but not everyday can be a Guinness day. Occasionally, you’ll swap it out for a lager or wheat beer instead. The same can be said about your wardrobe.

With a combination of bold patterns, textures, and solids, your wardrobe encompasses a multitude of casual pieces. You prefer a sport coat to a blazer, a black suit to a tuxedo, and if you can help it, you’ll never wear a tie. You’ll most likely be seen in a sport coat with jeans and rarely in a 3 piece suit. You aren’t afraid to mix and match patterns and you’re not looking to be the fanciest dressed guy in the room. You’re relaxed, casual style is both confident and unaffected.

So remember, no matter what libashion category you fall into, BALANI’s Fabric Bar serves them all.

Sonny BalaniWhat Your Drink of Choice Says About Your Style