Spring into a Warm Weather Wardrobe

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With another winter behind us (seemingly), we can finally start to embrace spring and all its accompaniments. From baseball games to yacht parties, it’s that time of year when we can put away that heavy wool coat and dare to bring out our lightweight jackets. Hallelujah!

So, how do you transition your winter wardrobe for spring? Simple. All you need to keep in mind are these three things: pattern, color, and fabric.

By incorporating pattern into your wardrobe, you can dramatically change the look and feel of any outfit. The easiest way to liven up a simple gray suit is to pair it with a bold shirt and tie. Colorful plaids and striking paisleys are a great pattern for spring because they come in various styles and colors. Keep in mind, the bolder the pattern; the more fitting it is for spring.

When adding color into your wardrobe, think of a box of Crayolas. You should have a variety of pastels, jewel tones, and neons to choose from. Nautical is this season’s hottest trend, so put away the chocolate browns and dark charcoals, and bring out your warm neutrals and vibrant blues.

Choosing seasonal fabric weights is the final step in modifying your wardrobe. Trade in your heavyweight wool slacks for some lightweight wools and fine cottons. These fabrics will keep you warm on a cool spring day and also breath well on warmer days.

So what do you wear to a summer cocktail party? Incorporate all three elements by wearing your gray sharkskin slacks with a light-blue gingham shirt. To dress up your look, add a hopsack navy blazer and optional bright silk tie.

Break out of the winter doldrums by keeping in mind the three elements—pattern, color and fabric—and your wardrobe will spring (pun intended) into the warmer seasons effortlessly.

Sonny BalaniSpring into a Warm Weather Wardrobe

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