The Go-To Suit

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It’s the one suit every man has in his wardrobe. No, I’m not talking about your “birthday suit.” What I am referring to is more refined and perhaps a lot less hairy. The fit is impeccable; easily making it the one suit you can’t live without.  It’s your “go-to” suit, and you feel great anywhere you sport it.

Like the mighty chameleon, the “go-to” suit effortlessly blends into all environments, thereby instilling you with the confidence to wear it for any occasion. Whether attending a fall wedding or spending a night out on the town, this suit seamlessly transitions from one event to the other.

So, what separates this suit from all the rest?  For one, the “go-to” suit is single-handedly the most versatile piece of clothing in your closet. Day or night, spring or fall, this suit is easily transformed through basic accessory modifications.
More specifically, this includes your shirt, tie, shoes, pocket-square, and accessories.

A distinguishing feature of the “go-to” suit is its ability to transition seamlessly into various scenarios. The simpler the pattern and color, the better it is. A medium grade charcoal is the most versatile color of all, because it can be paired with black, brown and chile colored shoes. Whether a sharkskin or gabardine, the “go-to” suit is understated enough to allow the elements accompanying  it to speak for the entire ensemble.

For example, let’s say you have a business meeting in the afternoon and then dinner with the wife at night? No problem.  Swap out your classic white button down for an open collar gingham plaid with French cuffs, and suddenly, you are rocking a whole new look.

Versatility is the key to keeping your “go-to” suit feeling fresh each time you wear it. Rock it with confidence, because with this suit, anything goes.

Sonny BalaniThe Go-To Suit

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