Wool & Cashmere

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Fall is here. Winter is approaching. We know it’s time to start thinking about how to keep warm. Short of bourbon or those nifty hand warmers, we tend to rely on bundling up our bulky coat to get us to work warm. We all know wool keeps us warm, but do you know why?

Start off by thinking of a sheep. What comes to mind? Fluffy. Curly. These are precisely the characteristics that make wool warm. An individual wool fiber, when inspected closely, exhibits crimps which result in the fiber curling. These crimped fibers, when spun into yarn, are bulkier than they would be than if they were simply straight. There is much dead air between the crimped fibers when made into yarn, and it is the air that provides the insulation.

Cashmere on the other hand, is a much finer fabric. And yes it’s more expensive, but there is a reason behind it. The best cashmere comes from remote locations with inclement weather, thus it has better insulating properties than other fibers. The other advantage is that even though it’s warmer, the fabric weighs less. So if you’re sick of the bulk, consider cashmere for your next topcoat.

Sonny BalaniWool & Cashmere

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